Tuesday, May 17, 2011

End of the Semester!


We are finally at the end of the semester! I felt as though everything went by so quickly. It feels like we just started our jester drawings last week to me. I learned a lot in this class. I have never drawn with contour lines before and I find it to be a very useful tool in drawing. I hope to continue growing this skill during the summer. I think it is very important to get down the more difficult, basic skills before you create your own style of drawing. That is why I personally found this class enjoyable and helpful.
The manikin was a challenge in it self but also very helpful in the understanding of the human body. If that was taken out of the class I don't think it would be as much of a learning experience. It is important to have that three dimensional aspect to really understand what the muscles are doing as our models moved there body's in to different positions.
If I had to change some thing about the class I think I would maybe add more long poses as apposed to so many short drawings. I think it is helpful to have the time to sit and really think about what you are putting down on the paper, to really get a good understanding. I enjoy jester style as well and I am sure it is also important in the learning process, it just seems that the long poses are big learning days.

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